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Mindful Health & Wellness

As the region’s premier Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Center, we believe that optimal health is achieved through a total wellness program that includes caring for the mind as much as the body. We offer therapy, counseling, and life coaching services in a private and confidential setting that lead to a healthier mindset and an improved outlook on life.   

Our Services


Therapy & Counseling

Understanding your thoughts and behaviors is important to your mental and physical wellness.

If you are looking for new ways to achieve healthier relationships with others, a deeper understanding of individual strengths and behaviors, or better ways to cope with personal and professional challenges, it’s time to explore the benefits of psychotherapy.  


Life Coaching

Self-discovery leads to a future that is full of possibilities. We're here to help you know yourself better. 

Working with a Life Coach is an effective way to identify personal goals, create a plan to achieve them, and learn the tools you need to succeed in life.  Discover the advantages of working with a life coach and start improving your life and achieving your goals today. 

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